Pete Doherty

The Artist

Pete Doherty is one of the most promising musicians, poets, singers and lyricists to shine on the horizon of British music industry. Right from his childhood days, he had developed passion for guitar and poetry. Being visionary, he perfectly combined his passion, enthusiasm and hard efforts to form three successful bands: ‘Libertines’, ‘Babyshambles’ and ‘Peter Doherty and the Puta Madres’. Although he faced a lot of challenges due to his drug habits, he never gave up and provided the music lovers with evergreen masterpieces. While he still continues to do so, he has never chased commercial success. He is one rockstar who would not mind playing guitar in a local place or sing to one person than a big crowd. Besides music, he has also shown his artistic skills in writing, painting, modelling and acting.


The Painting


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