Micky Dolenz

The Artist

A performer on TV from an early age, Micky Dolenz will forever by remembered as a founding member of the iconic 1960s American band the Monkees. Originally created for The Monkees TV show, the Monkees quickly became a real live band, touring the USA and UK, with a sound recognised today around the world as being emblematic of 1960s pop. Dolenz himself would go on to become a major star of hit musicals, as well as working as a director and presenter, while still finding time to re-tour with the Monkees. An all-around performer extraordinaire, Dolenz stands tall as a paragon of taste and accomplishment in the rough-and-tumble world of show business and entertainment. And oh, by the way – he remains a believer…


The Painting

“Since I Fell For You” – Inspired by the song by Lenny Walsh

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