John Illsley

The Artist

John Illsley is a founding member of Dire Straits. The bass guitarist has had a remarkable journey since 1977, selling over 120 million albums and picking up a few Grammy’s on the way, as well as an Ivor Novello award in 1988 for “Outstanding contribution to British Music”. John has also released eight solo studio albums and two live albums. His latest studio album, ‘Coming Up For Air’, was released this year. John took a break from music in 1993 and since then has involved himself in his other great passion, painting. Now established as a professional painter, he has gone on to have five solo shows in London, one in New York and one in Sydney.


The Painting

‘Like a Rolling Stone’ by Bob Dylan

“The year was 1965, I was 16 years old, when I heard this song for the first time it seemed so revolutionary, so different, so complete it just lodged with me. Dylan has been and will always be a major influence in my life. ‘How does it feel’? A good question and one we should all ask ourselves.” John.

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