The Good Whey Co.


The Good Whey screenshot.353 The Good Whey Co. specialise in all aspects of whey protein, making it their personal mission to spread the benefits of protein and its potential to improve our health and wellbeing.

Upbeat, the new high protein dairy drink that’s no more than 150 calories and is also low in fat, was launched by The Good Whey Co. in May 2013. Utilising years of experience and passion for whey, the company wanted to provide an easy way to enjoy the benefits of protein. Upbeat is made with real fruit, making it the new healthy and tasty way to take on your day.

Upbeat provides around a third of your daily protein needs, all in one tasty drink. It’s also a great, healthy alternative to smoothies and fruit juices as it contains less than half the sugar.

Available in two delicious flavours – Mango & Passion Fruit and Strawberry – Upbeat can be found in Tesco Extras, Superstores and online, as well as Ocado, Little Waitrose and WHSmith Travel.

For more information visit, or Twitter @feelingupbeat or Facebook