Grace Slick
Grace Slick   Grace Slick - GS1 Part of the rock pantheon, Grace Slick became the lead singer of cult favourites Jefferson Airplane in 1966. Bringing along the tracks ‘White Rabbit’ and ‘Somebody to Love’ from her former band, The Great Society, Grace helped Airplane become one of the 1960s’ most iconic groups; both tracks would later make Rolling Stone’s top 500 songs of all time. As Airplane went through a gradual dissolution in the early 1970s, Grace and fellow band members Paul Kantner and Jack Casady formed new band Jefferson Starship. Around the same time, Grace released Manhole, the first of her four solo albums, in 1973. Quitting Starship in 1988, she announced her retirement from music and decided instead to focus on visual art. Grace has since established herself as a successful painter in the US, featuring in numerous exhibitions and becoming known for her surreal style. A true character, Grace’s exploits include being the first person to say “motherfucker” on live television and reputedly once planning to spike President Nixon’s tea with LSD.